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Sunday, June 24, 2012

What I believe

I believe that everything is alive. I believe everything, all matter, all ideas, all energy, is aware. That every thing, anything in existence, is conscious, to some degree, on some level, relevant to itself.

We are aware of ourselves as individuals. On a different level, we are aware as an entire species, as inhabitants of earthlings, as a solar system, as a galaxy, as a universe.

It is all a matter of being aware of it.
If you are not conscious of everything, then obviously you won't know or feel that connection, or that vibe, or this vibe.

I believe that every breath you take, every apple you bite, is aware, conscious. Depending on certain factors, it to can be aware of itself as an apple, a breath, a tree, a rock. It can even be aware beyond itself, and beyond the systems it resides, beyond the ecosystem it is end, and beyond the planet, just as we can be aware of the beyond.

I believe in vibes. I believe in frequency.

The funny thing is, I say I believe in vibes, frequency, etc. Yet it is not believing, it is just being aware of them. We all listen to the radio, and that information travels on frequencies.

You can feel a vibration yes?

Everything is simply energy in different forms, varying frequency, and particular vibrations.

The more receptive to vibrations you are, the more you can feel. If you are clogged and bogged with lower vibration energy, you won't be able to feel as much.

Best Marijuana argument ever

This guy really knows what he is talking about here.
End prohibition!


Hi there.

Today I wanted to talk about dreams.

Wikipedia says: "Dreams are successions of imagesideasemotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages ofsleep.[1] The content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, though they have been a topic of scientific speculation, as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest, throughout recorded history."

That is a very vague and shallow understanding of what dreams are.
The fact is, dreams are so so much more than just images, ideas, emotion and sensations, at least in my experience.

When I dream, it is a journey.

What do I mean by journey?

I mean that my consciousness, travels to a different place of existence.
Perhaps you know what I am talking about, and maybe, you don't so let me explain a little bit.

I believe that during sleep, or deep meditation our consciousness, our awareness, can leave our bodies, and change frequencies, kind of like, changing the radio station.

So lets say you are listening to the radio, and you are on.. 99.5.
You are receiving the 99.5 information.

Does that mean that 99.6, 98.7 101.3(etc.) are not going on? 
No! Those stations are still broadcasting, you are simply tuned to a different frequency.

It is the same way with reality. Dreams are reality, simply a different frequency.

So yes, I mean that dreams are just as real as right now, this reality. Now, when you wake up from a dream, it seems distant, vague, foggy, like dreams usually are, and so they feel, unreal.

Let me ask you this, remember back to yesterday, yesterday afternoon, what did you eat for lunch? What was going on? Really get back into that memory..

Do you see how similar a memory is in contrast to a dream? It is because when you awake from a dream, you are now tuned to a different frequency, you are no longer in that other place, but back here, it is all a distant memory.

Thus, they do not "feel" real, but you are only remembering them, if you would "feel" them while they are going on, it would be very much "real"

What that is called is lucid dreaming. Becoming aware during a dream. 
Lucid dreaming is a huge subject, which will have to be gotten to another day.
But here is some reference material in case you are interested right now.


Dreams are a very important part of being human, enjoy your night time exploration!

This book on lucid dreaming is very informative and a good place to start if you are interested in exploring your dream life!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 Spiritual networks

10 Spiritual networks

Searching for spiritual networks so that you can connect with other like minded people also on a spiritual journey? 

When you begin your spiritual journey and take your first step on the path to enlightenment the best thing to do is to surround yourself with like minded people, listen to their experiences and learn from what they have to share. It will only help you continue down the path.

There are many places to connect to like minded people that are on a spiritual journey.
These spiritual networks are great places to meet new people and learn more about your self and others.

So here is a list of 10 spiritual netoworks that you can check out and hook up with new people that are also on the spiritual path.












If are are interested in connecting through spiritual networks I hope that you check out these 10 websites.

Spiritual networks are great places to meet new people. Not just any new people, but spiritually minded people, people that will help you grow spiritually and help you along your path.
If you are interested in furthering yourself down the path of spirituality I highly recommend these spiritual networks.

Spiritual networks are a great place to learn about anxiety solutions. If you are having problems with anxiety, spiritual networks will help you find anxiety solutions.

My personal experience with Spirtual networks are that since I was mostly on my own for research and learning, I connected with a great deal of people to help me with anxiety solutions.

In my opinion Spiritual networks can change your life.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Meditation calms the mind



Meditation is a vital tool in our arsenal of psychological tools to cope with our ever changing environment.
A 2007 study shows that only 9.4% of adults over 20 in the US practice meditation, so what exactly is it?

I am sure that most of you have an idea, of someone sitting very still, perhaps chanting or humming a specific tone, and they do this for an extended amount of time. So what is the desired effect from doing this weird thing?

Let me go off a little bit here.

If you leave your personal home computer running all day long, and you never turn it off, and you are constantly playing movies, and playing games, many programs open all at once, what will eventually happen to it?

It is going to get bogged down, slow, and eventually crash, or simply give out.

Your brain, like your computer, needs a break, a break from "running"

That is a simplified way to look at it, it simply cools you out, relaxes the mind, lets you clear your thoughts, and focus. I encourage everyone to simply take a 15 minute break from your day, and stop. Just stop doing, and just be.

Find a quiet place, dimly lit and just breath deeply for a few minutes, this is a good way to start off practicing meditation, just spend a few minutes each day relaxing the mind and breathing deeply, focusing on your breaths..

If you are interested in some reading material on the topic of meditation, follow this link.

Monday, May 28, 2012


God is everything, god is you, god is the air you breath, god is, the act of being, the act of thinking god is everything.

God is not a man up there, god is matter, and energy and the entire existence of the universe, you are god and everything is completely connected!

                                  So, what IS god?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

You are the universe

The path is yours to travel

You ARE the universe!

Look around you, this is existence, this is the universe, this very moment, this very place in space. This is your very own immediate sector of the universe, and you are in complete control of everything going on. You may or may not be aware of this fact, but indeed you are at some level.

One way to look at it, is that if you are sitting in your room, using your computer, and one of your family members rushes in, and tells you that, " the garbage truck just smashed the mailbox down!"
Well, ok, but guess what, you are in complete control of your reaction to this event, you can simply accept that it has happened and get on with your life, or.. you can have an emotional break down, and be very upset, not that the mailbox scenario would cause such a reaction haha.

But, the point I am trying to make is that, you can decide what you do! You can make anything you desire happen! Do you want do make a substantial amount of money? DO IT! YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE! The only thing stopping you is you.

Sunday, May 20, 2012



I think Cannabis deserves it's own page, which it will probably receive in the future :)
But, for now I will simply write this short little post about it.


This plant.. The uses of this plant are beyond explaining.
This plant can be used for food, clothing, building material, fuel, cure for cancer, entheogen, psychedelic.
The list goes on, I am telling you, if you look at any modern material or tool, cannabis has a place of usefulness!

Did you know they used hemp to clean up the nuclear waste of Fukushima?

As a psychedelic plant, it contains THC amoung many other cannabinoids, which can induce religious and spiritual experiences, deep psychological insight, and growth of self.

This plant is NOT A "DRUG"

It is a sacrament.

Later on I will create an entire page on cannabis, its uses and how it is important to the spiritual evolution of the human race!


The importance of plants.

For a moment, disregard all of your religious opinions, your culture ideas, what you think we are, where you think You are, and what you think reality is, take a look for a moment at what has really been going on for the last hundred thousand years.

We have relied and used plants for our medicines, foods, shelter, clothes, fuel, tools, EVERYTHING!

If you think that GOD created the earth and all of the plants and ourselves, then great! you will see what I am talking about. If you are a Buddhist, great! If you are a shaman, great! if you think a bee flew by and stepped on a rose petal and there forth sprang the universe, good, if you believe in quantum physics, then you will understand also.

My understanding and viewpoint fits all viewpoints. IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO THE PLANTS

For a moment, imagine every tool that we have EVER used. From hammers, to knives, to the wheel, to much larger and more sophisticated tools. We as humans were given things from nature, to use, to improve, to survive to continue our existence to become better, survive better.

First of all, what are plants? They are life, just like us, we are simply different. But they are still living structures made of organic material that grows, produces offspring and then pass on.

So we are the same, all part of a system called Earth. One large network, comprised of many many smaller networks, which consist of many more networks, and so on and so on...

Sunday, May 13, 2012



If you are worrying about tomorrow, you are not here NOW.
NOW! The present is all that exists, and every WILL exist, if you aren't HERE, NOW, you are giving it all away!

"the future will come." " and where will you be once the future gets here? You will be NOW, and in three weeks, you will be now, where will you be? HERE.

Look around yourself, what do you see? Where are you? are you at your computer? you are HERE.
Where will you be in 5 hours? the park? no, HERE. you may be in the park sure, but you will still be HERE. It my seem like you have gone, or time has passed, but you are always, always! right HERE NOW.

It is all about "being one with it all"

You know, when you are making love, and then you stop, and you both say, "wow this is wonderful"
And then you go back to making love, and you are just involved completely with the experience?

When you go to the movies, and then the movies end, and you are confused about where you are, and you remember you were watching a movie?

When you are reading a book, and you forget about everything else, you ARE the story you are reading, you just ARE, you are just BEING. Total involvement.

Alone with the ego

Hello all.

I have recently moved into a new home, I am alone here with my ego now.
Firstly, if you ever get the chance to be in isolation, take the chance!
So valuable silence is, simply listening to your self, it become hilarious after a while, realizing your self, then saying "hey! look at that, haha my self!"

So much time for meditation.. it is wonderful, I am able to be so calm, just dancing, watching all of this happen.
I watch my thoughts come up, and dissipate, once you realize the self, and you see it in action, what a trip!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The first step

Astral travel today!

The first step for me, was realizing that the way of life that I was living, was simply not satisfying, the food, the money, the "fun" the movies, all of the entertainment, television, what ever.

It was not filling a void that I had in my entire being, unfullfillment.

I stopped watching television, I began to eat healthier, I cut out the junk, the chips, the processed foods, I began to eat only food that was grown on the earth, nothing that was manufactured in a factory....

I was about 14 or 15 years old, when I began to realize that something about the western way of life was a bit off.

I ate nothing but rice, wheat crackers and steamed vegetables for over a year. I dropped about 35 pounds, lost nearly all of my muslce mass, and well that is the way I began living. What began happening is, I started to wake up, I started to see the world around me, clearly.. Once all of that sugar and meat and "fake" food was out of my system, I began to see how things were really. For the next several years of my life, I was extremely depressed after this period in my life, because I saw everyone's problems, I saw everyone that was not waking up, the people that were still caught up in the illusion of it all, being materialistic, being angry, stressed, worried about tomorrow, worried about money, this that, the kids, the bills, the car, the sadness, what they have or don't have..

Between 16-18 years of age, everything was joyous and chaotic all at once, but I suppose that age is very bizarre in itself... I may touch this period another time.

I began to become interested in shamanism, and meditation.

For those that are just begining to awaken, or if you are just curious, I am going to throw a few links for you to check out, if they resonate with you, then groovy! if not, then they will another time don't worry!




There will be more to come in the future!

I will be suggesting books as well, I just need to locate them and get the titles and author's names together!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The beginning

Hello fellow human beings.

This is the first post of many to come through this blog. I feel inspired to share with people the spiritual journey that I have been embarking on for approximately 18 months. I feel that this is a very important period in our history, not only as a species but as a planet, as organisms, and consciousness. And everyone that inhabits a human body during this great time is very fortunate!

This blog will explore the awakening process, the evolution of consciousness, and the experience of life in a human body from my own perspective, I will cover many topics, and hopefully this blog will develop into a home for people like me that are searching for answers and truth, and maybe the information contained here may answer some of those questions!

If you are seeking the truth behind reality,the meaning of the universe, a deeper understanding of consciousness, love, humor, and everything else, then strap on your seat belts because this is the ride for you!