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Sunday, May 20, 2012


The importance of plants.

For a moment, disregard all of your religious opinions, your culture ideas, what you think we are, where you think You are, and what you think reality is, take a look for a moment at what has really been going on for the last hundred thousand years.

We have relied and used plants for our medicines, foods, shelter, clothes, fuel, tools, EVERYTHING!

If you think that GOD created the earth and all of the plants and ourselves, then great! you will see what I am talking about. If you are a Buddhist, great! If you are a shaman, great! if you think a bee flew by and stepped on a rose petal and there forth sprang the universe, good, if you believe in quantum physics, then you will understand also.

My understanding and viewpoint fits all viewpoints. IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO THE PLANTS

For a moment, imagine every tool that we have EVER used. From hammers, to knives, to the wheel, to much larger and more sophisticated tools. We as humans were given things from nature, to use, to improve, to survive to continue our existence to become better, survive better.

First of all, what are plants? They are life, just like us, we are simply different. But they are still living structures made of organic material that grows, produces offspring and then pass on.

So we are the same, all part of a system called Earth. One large network, comprised of many many smaller networks, which consist of many more networks, and so on and so on...

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