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Sunday, May 20, 2012



I think Cannabis deserves it's own page, which it will probably receive in the future :)
But, for now I will simply write this short little post about it.


This plant.. The uses of this plant are beyond explaining.
This plant can be used for food, clothing, building material, fuel, cure for cancer, entheogen, psychedelic.
The list goes on, I am telling you, if you look at any modern material or tool, cannabis has a place of usefulness!

Did you know they used hemp to clean up the nuclear waste of Fukushima?

As a psychedelic plant, it contains THC amoung many other cannabinoids, which can induce religious and spiritual experiences, deep psychological insight, and growth of self.

This plant is NOT A "DRUG"

It is a sacrament.

Later on I will create an entire page on cannabis, its uses and how it is important to the spiritual evolution of the human race!

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