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How to meditate properly

How to meditate properly

Meditation is a very VERY broad topic.
With meditation gaining more traction in the mainstream world, many people are beginning to wonder how they should meditate. There is an entire world of information on meditation and proper techniques, lets begin by watching this 5 minute video.

In my opinion this video is very informational.
Now, I believe not to be certain of anything, and to always draw from the felt experience.
So, what I am saying is, this video is not concrete, nothing anyone says is concrete, unless you feel and experience it directly!

So, the main points this video makes is:

*Let breathing happen on its own, simply observe the act of inhaling and exhaling.

*Relax, and become comfortable.

*quiet the mind, and pay attention to breathing.

This is just the beginning of resources that you should dig into.

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