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Sunday, June 24, 2012

What I believe

I believe that everything is alive. I believe everything, all matter, all ideas, all energy, is aware. That every thing, anything in existence, is conscious, to some degree, on some level, relevant to itself.

We are aware of ourselves as individuals. On a different level, we are aware as an entire species, as inhabitants of earthlings, as a solar system, as a galaxy, as a universe.

It is all a matter of being aware of it.
If you are not conscious of everything, then obviously you won't know or feel that connection, or that vibe, or this vibe.

I believe that every breath you take, every apple you bite, is aware, conscious. Depending on certain factors, it to can be aware of itself as an apple, a breath, a tree, a rock. It can even be aware beyond itself, and beyond the systems it resides, beyond the ecosystem it is end, and beyond the planet, just as we can be aware of the beyond.

I believe in vibes. I believe in frequency.

The funny thing is, I say I believe in vibes, frequency, etc. Yet it is not believing, it is just being aware of them. We all listen to the radio, and that information travels on frequencies.

You can feel a vibration yes?

Everything is simply energy in different forms, varying frequency, and particular vibrations.

The more receptive to vibrations you are, the more you can feel. If you are clogged and bogged with lower vibration energy, you won't be able to feel as much.