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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Meditation calms the mind



Meditation is a vital tool in our arsenal of psychological tools to cope with our ever changing environment.
A 2007 study shows that only 9.4% of adults over 20 in the US practice meditation, so what exactly is it?

I am sure that most of you have an idea, of someone sitting very still, perhaps chanting or humming a specific tone, and they do this for an extended amount of time. So what is the desired effect from doing this weird thing?

Let me go off a little bit here.

If you leave your personal home computer running all day long, and you never turn it off, and you are constantly playing movies, and playing games, many programs open all at once, what will eventually happen to it?

It is going to get bogged down, slow, and eventually crash, or simply give out.

Your brain, like your computer, needs a break, a break from "running"

That is a simplified way to look at it, it simply cools you out, relaxes the mind, lets you clear your thoughts, and focus. I encourage everyone to simply take a 15 minute break from your day, and stop. Just stop doing, and just be.

Find a quiet place, dimly lit and just breath deeply for a few minutes, this is a good way to start off practicing meditation, just spend a few minutes each day relaxing the mind and breathing deeply, focusing on your breaths..

If you are interested in some reading material on the topic of meditation, follow this link.

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